The ClaudicatioNet therapist

Over 2000 Dutch physiotherapists, who are specialized in the treatment of patients with peripheral artery disease (PAD), are associated with ClaudicatioNet. ClaudicatioNet therapists distinguish themselves in terms of quality and transparency. ClaudicatioNet ensures transparency and the quality of treatment of all affiliated therapists in several ways. ClaudicatioNet therapists:

  • attend additional training relevant for PAD treatment, such as training in motivational interviewing and lifestyle counselling;
  • have an online Portfolio (i.e. a web-based business card), that is publicly accessible on the digital ‘care finder’ for all patients, referring specialists, and other physiotherapists;
  • use an evidence-based treatment method for patients with PAD;
  • provide standardized indicators for the process, structure and results of their treatments. These will be used to give feedback and create a learning-culture that stimulates the development of the ClaudicatioNet physiotherapists.
  • use a standardized, digital feedback letter to keep the referring specialist informed;
  • use the ClaudicatioNet digital referral system, which ensures that the patient is contacted by the ClaudicatioNet therapist within 3 days and the treatment starts within 5 days after referral.

Insight into the efficiency and quality of provided care is what makes ClaudicatioNet unique. ClaudicatioNet has demonstrated the effectiveness of supervised exercise therapy through extensive scientific research. As a result, the entire treatment program (i.e. 37 sessions of supervised exercise therapy and lifestyle counselling) is reimbursed through basic insurance (which is available to all Dutch citizens) since January 2017.