Conditions to participate in ClaudicatioNet

There are several conditions which should be fulfilled before a physiotherapist is allowed to  participate in ClaudicatioNet:

  1. Evidence-based treatment:  ClaudicatioNet physiotherapists are  obliged to work according to a standardized protocol as described in the symptomatic peripheral artery disease (PAD) guideline of the ‘Royal Dutch Society of Physiotherapists’ at all times.
  2. Training: A ClaudicatioNet therapist is obliged to successfully complete a pre-specified amount of relevant training annually (e.g. courses, conferences, master education, etc.). Examples of relevant topics are related co-morbidities and courses regarding smoking cessation. In addition, a motivational interviewing lifestyle-counselling course of at least 3 days needs to be followed. This process ensures that the affiliated physiotherapists’ knowledge and skills remain up-to-date. The training of a ClaudicatioNet physiotherapist is publicly accessible through their personal digital Portfolio.
  3. Up-to-date Portfolio: The ClaudicatioNet portfolio is a web-based business card for e.g. patients and referring specialists. It contains a high-quality photo, a personal description about the physiotherapist and practice and shows the successfully completed training.
  4. Providing indicators: For the purpose of the ClaudicatioNet Quality System, a ClaudicatioNet therapist sends the treatment data of their PAD patients to the National Database Physiotherapy (LDF) on a monthly basis.
  5. Digital referrals: All physiotherapists accurately and timely handle the referrals through the ClaudicatioNet digital referral application (‘de Digitale Zorgverwijzer’), ensuring that the patients are contacted within three days and the treatment starts within five days of the referral.
  6. Feedback to the referring specialist: All physiotherapists timely send feedback letters to the referring specialist through standardized feedback letters.
  7. Contribution: ClaudicatioNet therapists pay contribution annually.