Transparency and quality

ClaudicatioNet is an ‘open’ network, which means that every physiotherapist who fulfills the conditions can join ClaudicatioNet. These conditions are set to ensure high-quality care. All physiotherapists must attend a beginners course on peripheral artery disease (PAD), in which basic knowledge and skills are taught, before they are allowed to join ClaudicatioNet. Furthermore, therapists attend a pre-specified amount of training sessions per year and visit the ClaudicatioNet annual conference to further specialize themselves and to keep their knowledge about the treatment of PAD and relevant comorbidities up-to-date. Every ClaudicatioNet therapist has a personal, online portfolio on the ClaudicatioNet website on which the completed trainings are visible. This portfolio is publicly accessible, so that a referring specialist  or patient can always examine in which topic a therapist has been trained.

The ClaudicatioNet Quality System was introduced in 2015. Through this system, every ClaudicatioNet therapist supplies the treatment data of PAD patients on a monthly basis. As a result, ClaudicatioNet has full transparency, per therapist and on average, regarding the effectiveness of a supervised exercise therapy and lifestyle counselling program for PAD patients in the Netherlands. Therapists can compare their own results with the national average and with fellow therapists in their region. Having access to this data  also allows the identification of best-practices and underperformers, which can be used to enhance a learning-culture that stimulates the development of individual therapists. This way, the quality and effectiveness of the treatment within the ClaudicatioNet network is optimized.